Same as it ever was…

Working in an office is just like the Marine Corps in some respects: chow.

I remember in the Marines that while in the field every Marine had a fork, spoon, or spork (usually the NCO’s or SNCO’s who had some time in the field carried nicer ‘sporks’) sticking out of the breast pocket on the left… there was a gap sewn in for a pen in our cammies at that spot. And that spot was re-purposed for a spoon, etc.

Always ready to cram down any vittles that came our way.

And so I am reminded of this now, every day, when using the mini Crock Pot that came with a larger Crock Pot that Cynthia bought. I use it literally every day at work. And what I do is dump any remaining food I can scrounge out of the refrigerator from the day before. I get to work and dump it in this little crock pot and turn it on. By 12 PM it’s too hot to touch. Delicious. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s hot!

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Okeetee Yellow Rat snake

This snake was caught on a road in the Okeetee Club as a baby in 2015. He’s over 5′ long now and a monster.

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Another clutch of locality Okeetee Club Corn snakes

Small female, 8 eggs. I think she’s done.



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La Quinta female no. 1, another mating today

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Non-cooperative female Eastern Kingsnake

This is from earlier this spring and I do have 11 eggs in my incubator from this pairing of Currituck County, NC Kings.

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Han Solo

Rarely will I wade into the rude mass of iPhone addicted humanity that slimes into movie theaters. For this movie I am going to have to bend my rule.

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Rain, rain…. DON’T go away….

More breeding. This female laid a clutch last week. Hopefully I will get a second.

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Locality Okeetee Club Corn snake laying eggs

It just never gets old.

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Currituck County, NC Eastern Kings are still at it

24 hours later –

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I love a rainy night…

Hoping for a second clutch from this pair of Currituck County, NC Eastern Kings.

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