Sandhills NC 2018

always love coming here.

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Mason Bee houses

Made these today for a friend of my wife.

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The Coop turns nine.

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Cortez Cortez

This guy, in Belgium, puts up great NY tutorials on YouTube.
Here’s one he put up today.

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Re-do of Albuquerque

This time in CGCFAC. Made it a little longer to add some more harmonica. This time the harmonica is in C to match the key change. Ok, after today, going to work on some other songs.

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Albuquerque in GarageBand

Great program. Let’s you record multiple tracks so you can focus on one thing at a time.

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One of these Days by Neil Young

I have tried to learn this song previously but I have found the barre chords too difficult. Giving it another try, starting tonight. The song is from Neil Young’s Harvest Moon album from 1992 and is in double drop D (DADGBD) tuning. Love this song. offers good Neil Young tabs. It hasn’t been updated in many years and I am not looking forward to the day when it vanishes.

That page has a very large selection of Neil Young tabs. Tabbed out by guitar players and in some cases there are tabs for particular live performances.

Here is the tab for the song –

For the sole measure of “B” I only played the top four strings. Watching YouTube videos of Neil Young doing it shows him using his thumb on the bottom two strings at the second fret. I can’t do that.

Attempt 1 –

Attempt 2 –

And here is the real thing, Neil Young doing it a couple of months ago –

For me, a lot of the fun of learning guitar is watching / recognizing my own progress. What I have learned is that if I play and practice a lot… I get better. All you have to do is pick up the guitar and try.

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Interstate by Neil Young, guitar practice

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Albuquerque by Neil Young

More practice in double drop C, CGCFAC. Usually I play it in DADGBD, I think NY plays it in DADGBE – but it’s easier to barre the A chord with a 1 string in D.

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Guitar practice in double drop C

standard tuning, down a whole step, then 1 and 6 down another step to C.

Neil Young ‘Cortez the Killer’. Harmonica is in C. No, I don’t know how to play harmonica.


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